Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Out of control

I started blogging about Nancy last fall, and along the way I'd say something to her about a random subject, and she'd encourage me to blog about it. Usually it would seem out of place in the blog about her, although sometimes I made exceptions.

But it occurred to me that I could spin up another blog to throw such things into. The problem was that I'm a dilettante, and am interested in a variety of subjects that have little or nothing to do with each other. Which one to blog about? Or should I blog about all of them? And would anyone care about any of them?

This spring Nancy was on a writing retreat with a friend who is reluctantly dipping her toe in the dating pool. The two of them got to talking, and decided that they should encourage me to do a blog about internet dating.

They didn't need to twist my arm -- things have gone so well with Nancy that I want to spread the word, and I spent so much time dating and learning (as I thought) how to do it right, that it seemed a shame to let all of that perspective go to waste. Now someone was agreeing, and so the second blog was born.

Well, that broke the logjam blogjam, and I couldn't help but take the opportunity to spin up all of the other blogs as well. I think the current set should be able to absorb most of what I have to say. I imagine some of them will be lightly read, but at least the blogs are separated out in such a way that there's a reasonable chance that the reader will find something of relevance in whichever one pulls them in.

So now I'm suddenly out of control and blogging up a storm. It ought to be fun for one of us, at least, and I hope it will be for a few others as well.


  1. I think it should be "that broke the blogjam," instead of "logjam" :>

    Go, Jim! ~ dian

  2. Ooh, you're good, Dian! I'm responsive to my commenters, so I've already implemented your fine suggestion.

  3. that was a GREAT suggestion. jim, it is really fun to read your blogs. i haven't delved into the billiards or ball blogs, but am thoroughly enjoying the birding and internet dating blogs. keep up the great work!